Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown Fondant Baby Shower 2 tier Cake with hanging animals.

Pink & White Fondant Cross Hatch with Daisies.

Pink and White Cross Hatch Birthday Cake with Daisies. This was made with Brownies! It was 3 layers and the bottom cake had Cream Cheese frosting in one layer and Recess Peanut Butter Cups in the other. The top tier had Cream Cheese frosting w/ Heath bits in one layer and homemade carmel in the other.

Brown, Blue, White and Pink Chocolate Fondant Birthday Cake

Brown, Blue, White, and Pink Fondant 2 tier Birthday cake with Oreo straws. The Brown fondant is made using Dark Chocolate, so it tastes wonderful!

1 Tier Camouflage Grooms or Birthday Cake

Camouflage Cake for a Grooms cake or a Birthday cake. This can be made using different colors or different leaf detail. This was Brown, Green and Tan Fondant.