Saturday, February 28, 2009

Batman Cake

Here are a few pictures from the Birthday Party.

Yellow & Black Batman Cake.

Poker Cake

This was for a fundraiser for the YMCA in Gainesville Florida. They had a Poker Night after their golf tournament. The cards and dice are all cake and the poker chips are fondant.

Red & White 2 Tier Valentine Cake

Red & White 2 tier Valentines Cake with fondant roses.

White Blue & Brown Fondant

Here is a picture of the cake at the baby shower.
From Ellis's blog - "I have to say thanks to the Romney's for an awsome cake. It tasted better than it looked! I asked for chocolate and boy did I get it. It was made out of Brownie with Caramel yummy!"

This cake was done for a baby shower. The bottom tier was 3 layers of brownies with carmel in-between one of the layers, and cream cheese frosting and heath bits in-between the other.